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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Planning your week weekly will keep you on track and help reach your goals.

Plan your workouts
Plan your meals
Plan your week weekly

Being organized with your week will help you stick your goals. Make appointments with yourself that you will refuse to cancel. You are more successful when you plan your workouts and meals every single week. Remember change will not be see over night. One bad meal didn't make you fat just as one good meal isn't going to make you skinny. Everything happens over time. So planning will give you the best chances of hitting those goals long term.

Word of the Day: Planning (incase you haven't noticed)

Plan your workouts every single week. Pick days & a time of the week that best fit your schedule consistently. The more consistent you can be the easier it will become week after week. Make this an appointment you will not cancel! Your goals are real and you will be proud of yourself once you reach them.

Plan your meals weekly as well. Remember to also keep it simple as you can to help you stick with the meal plan. I always suggest first step: pick 1-2 chicken recipes and 1 turkey or fish recipe. Make sure they fit the requirements of lower fat higher proteins so you can hit your weight loss goals. Step two: make these few items in bulk for the week. This will save you a ton of time on your prep and make it easy for the week to jut grab and go. Reassess what you would like to eat each week. This will ensure enough variety so you do not get board but not so much that you spend all of your time cooking.

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