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With Me

I am a firm believe in "KISS". Keep It Simple Stupid! Working out and eating healthy does not have to be complicated. Let's keep this simple so you stay on track. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

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Virtual / Online Trainer

We understand everyone has different needs, schedule and lifestyle. Virtual training will be a written workout guideline  along with virtual assistance. These workouts can be simple to allow you to workout at home should you need. 

Online training will be a written guideline on a personal training program. This will allow you the flexibility to workout when and where you would like. 

Both programs will also include a weekly check in AND a weekly Q&A session.

**Limited in person personal training is an option as well. This is offered for the Houston market only.(or surrounding areas)

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Traveling Workouts

I am known for being able to workout anywhere. If there is equipment that makes it easier but have no fear workout equipment free is my specialty! Also, follow my YouTube for suggested travel places with great views and built in workout hikes.


Nutrition Guide

Positive, healthy eating habits is actually more important than your training. You CANNOT out train bad eating habits.  If you are wanting to see changes you will need to get your eating habits in line with your goals. We will talk a lot about prepping your meals and making sure you are ready for the week.

"By Failing to prepare you are preparing to fail" 

-Benjamin Franklin


Just need a little assistance, no worries we can put together an easy to follow eating guideline. This will outline what each meal should look like for the week and custom to your personal goals.

Busier than most or simply don't want to prep your own meals, have no fear we offer prepped meals ready to keep you on track for the week for our Houston market clients.